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About Carol Ann Ross

A native of the Carolina coast, Carol draws from her experiences there to pen her novels.  The Topsail Island Trilogy reflects her knowledge of not only the island's history but of those who made it, "If I don't know it, I know who to ask,"  she says.

She has also written a Murder by the Sea series. A compilation of six novels (so far) about mayhem and murder taking place along the southeast NC coast. "Lots of fun writing these books," she says "I meet so many people as I do research for the stories.  It's all about good guys and bad guys, and we all know them."

Presently Carol is working on another book of short stories.



This week on the Blog:

Tickle Chain

By Carol Ann Ross | April 2, 2021

We all love the sight of a shrimp boat with its doors spread wide as it pulls the trawl behind it. Nothing beats that sight in the early morning sun or as twilight rests on the horizon, Ain’t nothing like a good shrimp dinner. Ain’t nothing like appreciating the hard work those guys on the…