Carol Ann Ross

Thallasophile - lover of the ocean.

That's me. I have a strong affinity for that entity and express those feelings through my writing--my books. They may span many genres but are all connected to the place I call home.

Genres published: historical fiction, literary, murder, essays--they all are set on Topsail Island where I grew up. It is my way of perserving this wonderful place and the people with whom I share my life.

You can find my books on the book page above.

Carol Ann Ross has written twelve novels, eight of which are currently in publication.  She is  working on her thirteenth novel to be published Summer 2018.

Carol grew up on Topsail and spent years, swimming in the ocean,  working on fishing boats and being part of the Topsail community before leaving to pursue a higher education and explore the world beyond. The decades away never diminished the "never, never" land of Topsail, and after two decades she returned to her true home.

Upon returning to Topsail, Carol was devastated by the changes and knew she had to preserve the memory of the people who once lived there and their lifestyle. Her first three novels comprise the Topsail Island Trilogy. It recounts in fiction form, the history of Topsail--woven into a three-generation saga, this trilogy captures what Topsail was before all the tourists and development changed it forever.

Topsail is her world and Carol spends most days writing about the world around her, developing characters who amplify traits of people she knows and who she meets.