The Days of Hairwan Muhly

Topsail Island Historical Saga - Book 1


It is 1941 and war is looming, but to Pearl Scaggins nothing matters more than the man she loves. Unfortunately she will face changes, they are inevitable, but is Pearl strong enough to accept them, to make her own changes and to survive all that war brings. THE DAYS OF HAIRAWN MUHLY is a coming of age romance set during the rise of the greatest generation. In 1933 Hairawn Muhly, could be found all over the banks of the Carolinas. Its brilliant purple plumes proudly swayed among the yuccas and sea oats on dunes piled stories high. But progress and time have changed everything. The Days of Hairawn Muhly is a coming of age story not only for its colorful characters, but also for the tiny coastal community in which they lived. It depicts a simpler and perhaps more beautiful time that flourished gracefully and naturally.